We love what we see. How do we book you?

Call or email Home Exposure Photography today to book an appointment. 403.399.5728 / info@homeexposure.ca

How far ahead do I need to book an appointment?

There are busier times when more notice is needed (a week or so), and times when you can make a next-day booking. We will always do our best to accommodate a last minute or urgent booking.

How soon will I have the photos? What is the turnaround time?

Turnaround time for receiving finished photos is 24-hours. For feature sheets, slideshows and online viewers, the turnaround is 48-hours (sooner whenever possible).

We need to get this listing on the market ASAP. Do you offer any Rush Service options?

Yes. With our rush service, we will have the images delivered to you the same day. If you need a same-day service, please inform us at the time of booking. We cannot guarantee being able to accommodate your rush order request, however we will always do our best to accommodate a rush. There is a $30 same-day service fee.

How long will the photo shoot take?

An average photo shoot includes the interior and exterior and takes about 45 minutes (however, the length of the shoot depends on the size of the property and can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.  Photo shoots longer than 1 hour are subject to an additional fee due to the additional shoot / edit time required).

Is there anything special I need to do to prepare the house prior to the photo shoot?

Yes, there are many things you can do to make the photo shoot more successful!  Please see our section on preparing a home for photos for all the details.  Although we are always happy to make small adjustments when we arrive such as opening blinds, turning on lights and adjusting pillows, we will otherwise be shooting as-is and it is up to the seller to prepare the home and remove personal items.  In order to focus on homes that are ready for photos, we no longer photograph rental units that have not been staged or professionally cleaned.

Do you do staging?

Staging is an important step in preparing a home to be sold, and is a big job in itself.  We decided to stick to what we are experts at – photography, so no we do not do staging.  We do recommend getting a home staged before we arrive though, as staging is also shown to help homes sell more quickly.

In what format are the photo sent?

Photos are sent as jpegs in a .zip file. You will receive the .zip file by email. If you are are not familiar with opening .zip files (which takes about 30 seconds), let us know and we will provide you with easy instructions.

After shooting the property, can you take photos of a nearby lake, park or viewpoint?

Yes. Let us know if you would like a second-location shoot (for which there is a $20 charge).

Are the photos the right size to be posted to the MLS or other online real estate sites?

Yes. We provide you with photos that are MLS-ready and which have been updated to meet the specifications of the new Matrix MLS system. If you require larger sized images, just let us know and we will also send your photos in a high-resolution size at no extra charge.

Does someone need to be present at the property during the entire shoot?

No. Arrangements can be made to get us a key and we can leave the key in a lock box, etc, when we are done.  However we do have a policy that if there is a homeowner present during the shoot, you or someone from your office must be present as well.  We are also able to pickup or drop-off keys, for which there is a $20-$40 charge, depending on driving distance.

What is your rescheduling/cancellation policy?

Due to the nature of the industry, we understand that there are many occasions when it is necessary to reschedule or cancel an appointment. Appointments can be cancelled or rescheduled up to the day before the appointment at no charge. However, there is a $40 fee for missed appointments or same-day cancellation.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Interac e-transfer, credit card (via PayPal – no account necessary), cash or cheque (made out to Home Exposure Photography).

Why should I hire a professional Real Estate Photographer?

Studies are showing over and over that homes with professional photography get more views, sell more quickly and sell for a higher price.  98% of home buyers rated photos as the most useful tool in their search for a home.  Great pictures are a crucial marketing tool for a home sale. 92% of buyers start their home search online, and the photos often determine whether a buyer is interested or not. Web-appeal is the new curb-appeal. Buyers have hundreds of choices in their price range and tend to eliminate possibilities from a single exterior property thumbnail photo.  Great Real Estate Photography takes an eye for composition, proper lighting, photo editing skills and experience.  Real Estate Photography is inexpensive and has a big pay-back in the overall scheme of marketing a property.  Before home sellers sign a listing agreement with an agent, they pay close attention to which agent does the best job of marketing and specifically, which agents use great photography.

Why should we hire Home Exposure Photography?

Our clients come first, and put great value in our customer service and exceptional photo quality.  It is our job to make you look good every time.  We have shot over a thousand properties in and around Calgary and we know exactly how to best show off your listings. Home Exposure photographers are professional, reliable, experienced and have a great eye for interior and exterior photography. Not every Real Estate Photography company has the same photo quality, so keep that in mind when shopping around – ask questions and take a close look at the quality of the photos (do they have straight verticals, are they color corrected, natural looking, overly-processed, etc) and the customer service.  Our clients are thrilled with our work and we believe you will be too.